Minutes – January 17, 2017

Neighbors in South Roanoke Meeting, Tuesday, January 17th, 2017 7:00pm
South Roanoke United Methodist Church
The meeting was called to order at 7:00pm by President Barbara Duerk. There were 17 people in attendance. Mr. Ric McClure, the music minister for SRUMC opened the meeting with a blessing.
Roanoke City’s Treasurer, Evelyn Powers informed the membership that she will be running for reelection for her position. She informed the residents that a new program will allow for the treasurer’s office to now handle the following transactions normally handled only through the Department of Motor Vehicles: requests for handicap placards, vehicle registration, and license renewal. This should cut down on the wait time at the DMV, and it will also help bridge the budget shortfall that the city is facing this year, as the state will be paying the treasurer’s office to provide these services.
Officer C.B. Tinsley introduced himself as the resource officer for South Roanoke. He advised against leaving your car unattended while it is warming up in the cold temperatures. Several cars in the city have been stolen in the last few months because of this. He updated us on the break-ins from over the summer. It is believed that the person who was arrested in the county was the same person who was burglarizing in South Roanoke. He reminded everyone to not leave your car or house doors open. If you have any information on any criminal activity, he asked that you call 853-2212, or his number – 853-5401. If it is happening then, call 911.
Dale Crawford of the Code Enforcement department for the city of Roanoke explained what his department cites as prohibited: vegetation over 10 inches high (not including shrubs and trees) and accumulation of trash and debris on a property, storing furniture, appliances, miscellaneous household goods, or other items on a front porch or in a yard for more than 24 hours. The city requires that residents mow the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the road/street. A permit is required to erect a fence or deck, and a vehicle or trailer located on private property must be in operating condition and display both a valid license plate and inspection decal. To report violations, please contact him at 853-1049 or through email: dale.crawford@roanokeva.gov
Everyone is encouraged to join the Nextdoor application. This can be downloaded on your phone or on your computer. It is an excellent information sharing source.
Webb Roberts, board treasurer, announced that the bank account has about $4800.00. We have had 15 new families join Neighbors in South Roanoke.
Tammy Hale, editor for the social publication “South Roanoke Living” talked to the group about the magazine which is meant to unite the neighborhood. It features different families in the neighborhood and shares information about the events in the area, recipes, and any good that news that anyone would like to share and celebrate.
President Barbara Duerk enlisted the help of the membership to note the successes made by the neighborhood association since the reboot of the organization one year ago.
• A new Facebook page for the organization and the Nextdoor app
• Potholes and sidewalks have been repaired
• A bike rack and pad will be installed at Crystal Spring Elementary School
• Overhauled and improved safety of the crosswalk around Crystal Spring Elementary School
• A Bluegrass music series at Mill Mountain campground
The meeting was adjourned at 8:20pm. The next meeting will be on April 18th. (THIS WAS MOVED TO MAY 16)
Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Stewart Putney
Secretary, Neighbors in South Roanoke