Minutes – July 19, 2016

Neighbors in South Roanoke Meeting, Tuesday, July 19th, 7:00pm
South Roanoke United Methodist Church
The meeting was called to order at 7:03 pm by President Barbara Duerk. There were 33 people in attendance. She welcomed the residents and introduced the other board members: CJ Meidlinger (VP), Webb Roberts (treasurer), and Stewart Putney (secretary).
Officer Bill Green addressed the group regarding crime prevention tips. Lock your cars; don’t leave anything of value in your vehicle; report suspicious people and activity to 911. Neighbors help neighbors. He also discussed a recent robbery in the 2300 block of Crystal Spring Avenue. This was an isolated incident that was drug-related. Animal Control Officer Hanes addressed the concerns of the recent coyote sighting/attack on Avenham. She said that although they are nocturnal if they smell food from a previous BBQ, they will track during the day. They are rarely rabid, just hungry. A rabid animal appears drunk with discharge from the mouth and nose. Call 853-2411 to report unusual animal activity.
Kenneth Lang, the southwest quadrant collections inspector, spoke to the membership about recent changes in the solid waste pick-up. Since streamlining of recycling began in 2015, there has been an 85 % increase in items being recycled. As far as brush pick-up, small piles can no longer be collected unless it is leaf pick-up season. Please place small brush directly into your trash can, as during this time of year, it all gets taken to the landfill. Large brush (4’x4’x4’ up to 6’x6’x6’) will be collected weekly by way of pitchforks. You may leave other large bulk pick up items of 3 things per week. Please place old recycling bins in your new recycling can. Only place loose recycling items in the blue bins – no leafy materials.
Andrea Garland and Hong Lui from the Roanoke Transportation Division spoke to the residents about the problems of speeding in the neighborhood. They advised that we all need to be diligent and work together, as most speeders in the neighborhood LIVE here. Form a neighborhood watch to report speeders. The app – “Nextdoor” was discussed as free way for all South Roanokers to connect and look after each other and share information. The Franklin Road Bridge into downtown is slated for replacement as of this November; the project may take up to two years.
Problems with potholes and sidewalks requiring repair should be reported to Stewart Putney via “Neighbors in South Roanoke” website.
The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.
Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Stewart Putney
Secretary, Neighbors in South Roanoke