Minutes – May 16, 2017

Neighbors in South Roanoke Meeting, Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 7:00pm
South Roanoke United Methodist Church
The meeting was called to order by President Barbara Duerk at 7:02. There were 27 people in attendance.
Treasurer Webb Roberts informed the membership that the association currently has am account balance of about $4,000.
Officer Tinsley, the area’s resource officer, reminded everyone to keep your car and home doors locked to “diminish crimes of opportunities.” Crime is down in South Roanoke, but he reminded the residents to always report suspicious activity either by calling 911 or emailing him – brian.tinsley@roanokeva.gov Also, sharing suspicious activity via the Nextdoor app can create a community watch to keep everyone on the lookout.
Dale Crawford from the city’s code enforcement division heard the concerns of the residents regarding AirBNBs. He suggested that anyone with concerns/complaints please contact the area specialist, Barry Stacy (853-1451,) or the zoning administrator, Jillian Moore (853-2346.) Complaints/concerns can also be reported by calling the hotline 853-2344 or 853-2000.
Fire Department Captains Jeremy Bennington and William Benson and Wildfire Hazard Mitigation Specialist Bradley Wright gave a presentation on the “Ready, Set, Go” wildland fire preparedness effort. South Roanoke has many “at risk” areas for wild fires. It is important that residents create a defensible space of at least 50 feet away from their homes: clear leaves, branches, and gutters. Also, consider replacing mulch with rocks. They are happy to come to your house to assess and help you prepare a fire prevention plan. Please contact them: Jeremy Bennington <Jeremy.Bennington@roanokeva.gov>, william.benson@roanokeva.gov, or Brad Wright brad.wright@dof.virginia.gov Also, please visit http://www.wildlandfirersg.org/ for more information on this important program.
Dr. Kathy Tate and Resource Officer Labreska Whitaker reported on the latest news from Crystal Spring Elementary. There is a new bike pad, thus a “bike safety” training was held. The air conditioners will be replaced this summer. The playground turf is in need of replacement. The cost is about $75,000 for this project; there will be fundraisers and residents are asked to please consider donating to this wonderful neighborhood asset and park.
Roanoke City Police Department Crime Prevention Specialist Scott Leamon informed the membership about Bradley Free Clinic’s Roanoke Valley Hope Initiative. RVHI is designed to provide a gateway to professional resources for persons suffering from SUDs (Substance Use Disorders), in any form (opiates, meth, marijuana, alcohol), within the greater (and surrounding) Roanoke area who request entrance into the HOPE program. This program is also designed to inform the community at-large as to the severity of the Opioid epidemic confronting this community. RVHI will act as a gatekeeper and a pathway for the community to learn about and access substance abuse services that are available to everyone (hopefully, before an overdose or fatality occurs). RVHI consists of volunteer members , the RCPD, and civilian partners that will facilitate monthly (or more frequent) community-based “drop in” sessions/meetings for persons with SUD’s where they can get information about professional health services available to them, as well as turn in any drugs or drug paraphernalia they may have in their possession. The community-based “drop in” sessions take place at the Bradley Free Clinic on the second Monday of each month. Intake hours will be from 11:00AM – 4:00PM. From Monday – Friday 9 – 5pm the Roanoke Police Department will accept walk-ins and will link them with volunteer Angels as best as can be done – the placement process will be more comprehensive and streamlined on the official “drop in” days.”
Danielle Dehart from the office of Environmental Management addressed the members about the importance of keeping our valley and waterways clean. Clean up after your pet, don’t sweep anything into storm drains, and don’t litter. Please visit https://www.roanokeva.gov/500/Stormwater for more information.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:04pm. The next meeting will be on July 18th.
Minutes respectfully submitted by,
Stewart Putney
Secretary, Neighbors in South Roanoke