Pavement Repair

As you may be aware, the Roanoke Gas Company is in the process of upgrading our neighborhood’s natural gas distribution system replacing the older cast iron and bare steel piping in areas of South Roanoke. The city has City Right-of-Way Excavation and Restoration Standards that establish the specific criteria for street repairs necessitated by utility excavations. The city also has an inspector over this program whose responsibility is to ensure these standards are met. Normally utility companies do an excellent job repairing the pavement where street cuts have been made. However, in situations where the entire street is scheduled to be resurfaced, there is no requirement to achieve that level of restoration. With that in mind and especially in light that you have encountered some areas that are rougher than others, below is a status update for Roanoke Gas Company’s South Roanoke Project:

  • Phase 4 (McClanahan Street) – work is in progress, McClanahan Street will be paved in Spring 2016 as part of Fiscal 2016 paving contract.
  • Phase 4 (Crystal Spring Avenue) – work in progress, Crystal Spring Ave will be paved as part of Fiscal 2015 paving immediately following completion of gas line installation.
  • Phase 2 (Franklin Road) – work in progress at night for another 1 week +/-, Franklin Road will be paved in Spring 2016 as part of Fiscal 2016 paving contract.
  • Phases 6 & 8 (Somerset Street and Avenham Avenue) – work in progress, cuts are being patched and follow-up infrared restoration is occurring within 90 days.